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Leading hospitality group embraces safety

A company-wide drive to use technology-based solutions to create efficiencies has helped Solotel strengthen its safe work practices.

The adoption of HEMSafe. HEM’s online WHS management system has enabled Solotel to put safety practices into action across all its venues. As one of Australia’s leading hospitality groups, Solotel operates a portfolio of 30 diverse venues across Sydney and Brisbane, including Matt Moran restaurants and an events business.

Hospitality is specifically designed for the hospitality industry, helping to simplify the management of workplace safety and assist with meeting WHS compliance obligations. It’s a free and exclusive benefit for all HEM policyholders.

“By tapping into this online resource, we’ve been able to obtain a holistic view of WHS practices across our portfolio”, says Solotel Group Human Resources Manager Sarah-Ellen Maxwell.

“We are striving to create a culture of growth, leadership and creativity across the business and our attitude to our safety culture is no different,”

Positive management engagement

The visibility that HEMSafe has afforded us has been pivotal in the creation of this group wide safety culture, according to Sarah. “Since we started using it we’ve garnered a higher commitment to safety across the management team, which is reflected in our increased WHS activity and the creativity of the safety initiatives we are seeing across our venue portfolio.”

Solotel licensees and their management teams are able to operate their venues like business owners, which means they have to work hard as an organisation to ensure safety remains front of mind.

“HEM has been very supportive in facilitating training for all our licensees and management to ensure that every individual is equipped to use the system and contribute to safety in each venue”, says Sarah.

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