Useful resources

Claim forms

  • Notify us of an injury by fax or email

    Use this form if an employee sustains a work-related injury and has not completed a claim form. This ‘initial notification of injury’ form can be downloaded and sent to us via email or fax. You can also lodge the claim with our online form.
    Hotel Employers Mutual Form – Initial Notification of Injury

  • Injury claim form to be completed by worker

    Use this form to make a workers’ compensation claim for weekly payments or medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses.
    SIRA – Worker’s injury claim form

  • Other work related injury claim form to be completed by worker

    Use this form to provide additional information if you were injured during a work-related journey or during a recess or authorised absence from work.
    SIRA – Other work related injury claim form

  • SIRA Standards of Practice

    SIRA has developed these Standards to support and encourage insurers to have effective claims management practices that will help deliver positive experiences and outcomes for workers, employers and the people of NSW
    SIRA Standards of Practice

Guides for workers compensation

  • Workers Compensation Guidelines

    Here the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) details requirements, information and guidance for workers, employers, insurers and other stakeholders.
    Workers Compensation Guidelines

  • Employer’s workers compensations obligations

    The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has produced this guide to explain an employer’s obligations under workers compensation legislation. It contains practical advice for achieving the best outcomes for both workers and employers.
    A Workers Compensation Guide for Employers

  • SafeWork Australia’s notifying fact sheet

    This information sheet provides general guidance on mandatory reporting requirements for ‘notifiable incidents’ under Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation i.e. incidents that involve a death, ‘serious’ injury or ‘dangerous occurence’.
    SafeWork Australia’s notifying fact sheet

  • Injury Management Program

    Our Injury Management Program ensures our injury management approach and practices are structured, integrated and consistent to achieve best practice outcomes for all parties involved.
    Hospitality Employers Mutual – Injury Management Program

Documents to help employer’s plan a return to work

  • There are certain procedures and guidance material employers are required to have in place and documents and templates based on best practice principles. These resources are designed so you are prepared and ready to support your employees in a safe, sustained and efficient recovery following their injury.
    Return to Work (RTW) Toolkits

Documents to assist with payments and reimbursements

Forms to provide more information regarding a claim